Keyed alike or different keyed locking cylinders?

Keyed alike is the term used to describe the fitting of several locking cylinders. Several locks can be locked or unlocked with only one key (or one key set).

Keyed alike locks are used, for example, for flat locks. One key can operate the front door, the cellar door, the flat door, the garage door. It does not matter where the cylinders have been installed.

Regardless of whether you choose double, half, round or knob cylinders - the only important thing is that you stay in the same product group (for example dormakaba gemini plus, KESO 8000 Omega or CES DU). During the ordering process, you can simply select the cylinders and add them to the shopping basket one by one. All cylinders that are to be keyed alike must be specified as "keyed alike" during the order process.

In this way, several locking cylinders with different lengths can still be selected to be keyed alike. Double cylinders, knob cylinders and half cylinders can also be ordered as keyed alike.

For example, if you want to order 2 independent, keyed alike locking systems with 3 locking cylinders each, you must enter two self-contained orders so that we can keep the systems apart. The order will still be sent to you with one delivery.

Please note that keys are included in the cylinder price for some locking cylinders. For example, if 3 keys are included with a locking cylinder model and you order 3 keyed alike locking cylinders, you will receive the cylinder locks with a total of 9 keys without paying a surcharge.

Keyed alike


Individual locking

Individual locking refers to a locking cylinder that can only be locked with a key (or a key set) that has been made for the specific locking cylinder. For some locking cylinders, 3 keys per locking cylinder are included in the price as standard. For example, if you order two single-keyed locking cylinders, you will receive two locking cylinders with a total of 6 keys. In this case, the 3 keys of one locking cylinder cannot lock the other locking cylinder.

If you have any questions about the locking cylinders, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your order.

Please also read how the lengths of the locking cylinders are measured.

All our profile cylinders can also be ordered keyed alike. Please make sure that you only combine keyed alike locking cylinders from the same series. Click here and take a look at our selection of high-quality locking cylinders.