What is excluded from the right of withdrawal?

Custom-made products or products manufactured at the special request of the customer are excluded from the right of withdrawal in accordance with § 312d Para. 4, Sentence 1 BGB. This applies in particular to individually configured locking systems. Keyed alike locking cylinders and locking cylinders with a double locking bit are also excluded from the right of revocation, as these are individually fitted. All locking cylinders in the series are in the colour silver, or the colour specified for BKS. In our online shop, you can also select locking cylinders in other colours, such as dark brown or burnished brass. These colourings are manufactured individually to order and are excluded from the right of cancellation. The individual configuration of locking systems or keyed alike locking cylinders, or locking cylinders with a double locking bit, or even individual padlocks or letterbox cylinders of the profile cylinder series and also coloured locking cylinders cannot be resold and for this reason cannot be returned. These are assigned to a security card on individual customer request in quantities, lengths and designs of the individual locking cylinders and number of keys produced. In this way, the components of the configured locking system are stored on the number of the security card and/or on a locking plan. A subsequent reduction of the number of locking cylinders and/or the number of keys produced is not possible, as these are stored on the security card and/or the locking plan as "produced".

In the case of single-locking locking cylinders, please pay attention to the number of keys included as standard. When exercising the right of revocation for single-keyed locking cylinders, only the number of keys included by default can be taken back, as the single-keyed locking cylinders can be resold with the keys included by default. The value replacement for the keys exceeding the standard basic equipment is up to 100%. However, for security reasons, after exercising the right of revocation and returning the individually locking profile cylinders, all ordered keys must be returned with them.

We will destroy the multi-fabricated keys. The customer can also destroy the multi-fabricated keys. It is IMPORTANT in this case that we must then also receive the destroyed keys back in order to be able to guarantee that no further keys exist in the event of a resale of the returned goods. The destroyed keys must be identifiable by us.